Godaddy renewal coupon - save up to  33%

New Feature: When you join the club they'll give you greatly discounted offerings on renewing and new domains. We shall also keep testing out these codes to ensure they are legal and still working.
We likewise have a 33% off promo code for the Domain Discount Club. It is possible to either scroll down or click the preceding sentence to look at the promo code.
Important Note: While many of GoDaddy's promo codes have quit working, there are still a number of promo codes that will save you quite a bit on hosting and domains, and we all have them recorded here. As codes expire we will keep updating this list of codes. Here's our guess concerning why? That is occurring now.
Why doesn't GoDaddy offer renewal coupons anymore?
Previously GoDaddy had been certainly one of the sole firms to provide coupons codes specifically for domain and hosting renewals, however they have recently (as of June 2014) discontinued these in favour of offering memberships for their Discount Domain Club. This choice has been matched with a mixed response from GoDaddy customers.

What is the Discount Domain Club and what're membership benefits

Customers who pay the annual fee get special promotions and reduced prices on domain name renewals. This table outlines the economies on some top level domains:
How Long Can I Renew For?
You can renew a domain name for up to 9 years. Here is the trick on that one, from your shopping cart page the maximum duration you are able to choose is 5 years. You are able to pick a 9 year term however should you renew from the domain manager. This screenshot shows you where.
You can even set your domain names up to auto-renew on the day they expire, but that means they're going to renew at the full price. Rekindling yourself means you'll be able to save much more money long term.
After you've chosen your products which you wish to revive carry on to the 'Checkout' (NOT the 'Express Checkout', that'll take you through to the final payment page with all your products at full cost).
GoDaddy has a small tumultuous history, with controversial ad campaigns and questionable behavior on the part of former CEO Bob Parsons. GoDaddy became the greatest ICANN-accredited registrar in 2005, continues to register the most domains available, and offers many more products beyond only domain registration. You could register a domain name, until 2001 Network Solutions had been the only place. You can purchase Windows and Linux based web hosting at various service levels, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, email services, web site builders, and participate in domain name selling and cash parking.
Their data centers and a fiber optic network connect with maximum rates of 20 GB/s.